This website is dedicated to my collection of NES, SNES and other video games. Useless as this site may be; It's a complete list of my collection, and it helps me to keep track of things wherever I am.
The site is focused on the NES and SNES games and hardware. I do have other systems and games,
but I don't collect those as intensively. All of my other systems and consoles can be found in the
Other things worth mentioning (Latest finds, sealed games, rarities, special games,...) can be found under Extras



I finally updated my latest finds from february and march. I've seem to be a bit lazy again, things were starting to stack up :) Anyways, Im complete and up to date again. Ready for a new year of game hunting!! For now I've got 281 SNES and 258 NES games. I've been thinking about updating this website into something a bit more modern and complete. Since I don't seem to get my other platforms up to date. But for now I'll stick to it a bit longer. Yes yes, good old lazyness :) This movie shows my latest games.



The end of the year is coming closer. So this ends my game hunting. I will take a winter break because it has been a busy year. My most productive years since I started collecting! I went to a LOT of yardsales, checked internet, events, ... I spent a lot of time and effort into it. I surprised myself to be honest. Bought myself a couple of gems too. Both my mind and my wallet need some time off now :)
For now I can focus on the more luxurious problems, like buying more shelves and boxprotectors. Because I seem to be having too much games :) I still keep my NES and SNES games updated. The rest of this site is quite inaccurate. I have so much more stuff that's not on here (hardware, consoles, other games and systems).
The balance for 2012 is 245 NES and 266 SNES games! And this does not include the numerous box upgrades!!



Sweet deals are becoming like retrogames themselfs, very rare! But our persistence was rewarded today. It sure was a while ago since we caught something nice, so this was a real confidence booster! The picture says it all I guess. This one contained some very nice items, all of em complete and in pretty good condition!!


Alot of changes happened in the last months! I moved to a new place and so did my collection. Everything is still in boxes and waiting for my full blown gameroom!! So I'm working on new shelves and storage stuff to display my collection as it should be (finally!). But it's going pretty good so far!
As for the collection itself that went pretty nice I must say! After a long break I started looking and buying stuff here and there. I have 207 NES and 233 SNES games so far. I did some yardsales with my sucky friend alot and it payed off!! Too bad I had to share with that bastard!! This was our greatest catch of the year!

The latest catch

Besides those some real nice games joined my collection. I will update the pictures as soon as my gameroom gets renewed!!



It seems like this site get's only 1 annual update, so here goes... I bought something here and there the past year. Some retro and new stuff. I got a lucky deal a few months ago. I found about 10 Snes games at once in a fair. Pretty sweet :) That had been a while I must say... Besides those things I bought a bunch of PSX, PS2, PS3 and Wii games here and there. My collection reached new heights with that last addition, and finally crossed the 200 games peak!!! At the moment I have got 194 NES and 207 SNES games



I'd never thought I would get this thing updated again! I had a painfull harddrive crash last year. Resulting in the los of my website. The only version remaining was the outdated one I had online. I had to do an inventory of my entire collection and it really took me over a year to find the effort. After recounting and restocking the whole thing I can once again say that this site is up to date!!!

My collection grew really slow the last year... I got around to 182 NES and 175 SNES games. I got a lot of recent games and consoles tho. Those will be added later.



After a year of silence a new update! My collection grew really slow the past year, I took a break or so it seems... I kept the list up to date and bought something here and there, not that much. Today the number of games I own reached new hights ! 170 NES and 140 SNES games !!

Lateley I bought a few complete SNES games and another sealed one. This being Metal Combat for SNES in excellent shape. I also got rid of some damaged games and replaced them with better ones..

I'll keep this site updated when I stumble upon new things...



Waw this site has been rusting away for a few months now. And so has my collection. I've added a few more games to the pile and but nothing much. The total is now 161 NES and 139 SNES games.

On the other hand I bought a Mortal Kombat 2 arcade cabinet and I have some crazy plans to create a multi game cabinet. So my console collection is running low for now. If I get the time ill put some pictures from the cabinet on this site.



Another midnight update (2:57 am):

Got myself a lot of 25 complete games a while ago. Too bad they are all ex-rentals from a video store. All the boxes where cut in half an put into a plastic case. But I got them at a good price, so I'm not complaining.

I made some updates to the Extras Section and made the lists up to date. I'm now owning 150 NES and 132 SNES games and going up!!
I also found a Dreamcast, AT LAST!!! I got quite a bit Sega stuff lateley I must say. I will put an overview of all the game stuff in the Extras Section somewhere in the near future (I hope)...



Got another big pack of games yesterday! Not so great as the one I got a while ago, but still a nice one. Most of the games I allready have, but I've got myself a Mario paint and some other cool stuff...



A little midnight update:

I updated my list with my big catch from a while ago... This brings my total to 134 NES and 93 SNES games, nice :)
I also added a new Link section which is under contruction... Yeah I know, I hate those pages too!

Oh and I've added some new pictures! I've redecorated my shelves, since all the SNES games would not fit anymore...



Got myself a real retro deal today !!! I bought this huge lot of games on Ebay from a guy that lives about 10 minutes from me! The pack of games was too big to mail it, so not many people reacted.
Waw :-o I have never seen so much mint games in one place. This guy really took care of his games!!! The lot contains a total of 69 games and 3 consoles with a bunch of extra's... I'm gonna sell all the Sega stuff to get a part of my money back, but the NES and SNES games are a treat!! It contains a mint Zelda, UN Squadron, Topgear 1 and 2... He even kept the games in their original plastic!! Why can't everybody take care of their stuff like this guy???

the best retrodeal ever

the best retrodeal ever




After neglecting this site for a while I dicided to update this thing a bit. I gave the website a new layout. Well I just made one with layers instead of those old frames... And I've added 2 more NES games: The Smurfs and Trojan. I also updated the pictures and the SNES games section.

I added some reviews to some NES and SNES games... Be sure to check them out! My ideal plan was to review them all :) But I think it is not possible to do it on my own.




Welcome to my website!

This site started out as a school project. I had to create a simple website and since I seem to work better when I work for things that interest me, I made a website about my collection of Nintendo games. Now I just might as well keep it online and let it have some use. This is my entire collection of NES and SNES games. When I was about 9 years old, my neighbour got a nintendo 8-bit. I was amazed by it! Since that day I've always been interested in games. Two years ago I started to collect old games. I am quite nostalgic and the old games did have a much greater impact on me then the modern games. The old ones are still the great ones ;-) I chose to collect Nintendo games because trough my entire youth I always played Nintendo games. Nowadays I hardly ever play anymore. But I still owe a NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube and PS2 console and some games. I still collect game stuff.
So feel free to contact me if you have something that might interest me ;-)