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Who am I?

I am 33, very people minded, and love professional as well as personal challenges. Working for 8 years now, I have had the chance to prove my talents as true PHP expert and professional web application architect in my career.

The following paragraphs highlight my professional experience and skills. I would also like to point out that my way of working aims at combining quality of design and efficiency of delivery.

What I am proud of and what I like

What I am proud of

Main creator of the PHP monitoring extension: APM.

Being part of the top world ranking according to WabLab (international web hacking contest website).

Participating as core developer to one of the most extraordinary Free and Open Source CMS: eZ Publish.

Design and development of a DMS - alone and from scratch, implemented in 2 phases:

  • DMS functional application, went live in 3 months.
  • Evolution from DMS to CMS under Portal base infrastructure.

Design and realization of an Order Management System (OMS) in 4 months, strong business need to deliver in very short timeframe. Has been a real success (got the Belgacom Team award). The design was entirely done by myself, I also actively participated in the realization.

Have been certified in PHP (Zend Certified Engineer), one of the first in the World.

Experience gained in Rich Web Application Outstanding design.

What I like

Particular interest in modern (Web 2.0) PHP web application developments with technologies such as XML, SOAP, WSDL, REST, AJAX, RSS,… but also in the scientific or artificial intelligence area.

I feel particularly comfortable in domains such as: web services, design patterns, algorithmic, abstraction and object oriented programming and state-of-the-art design of databases.

Professional experience and competencies

Professional experience

Current activities

eZ Systems (since July 2011)
eZ Systems

Expert PHP developer at eZ Systems (as freelance) on Free Software:

Solving complex bugs entering the 3rd line of support.

Strengthening of development standards and best practices.

Code reviews.

Libereco Technologies (since October 2012)

Manager and founder of Libereco Technologies, a company specialized in consulting and training about:

  • In depth expertise of the PHP language, including its core.
  • eZ Publish CMS.
  • Software quality: Automated and unit testing, Continuous integration, Best Practices, Coding Standards, BDD,...
Internal PHP developer (since May 2009)

Passionate about PHP and its technical aspects, I interested myself into its internal structure while writing unit tests on the PHP language itself. Discovering some bugs, I corrected them and this is how I joined the internal PHP development team, my contributions are mainly focused around LDAP to make the PHP extension compatible with PHP 6.

This activity gave me the willing to write a Free Software solution for PHP monitoring: Alternative PHP Monitor (APM) which comes as a PHP extension written in C.

PHPBenelux (formerly PHPBelgium) (since November 2008)

Member of the PHPBenelux crew.

Past activities

eZ Systems (November 2010 - June 2011)
eZ Systems

3rd Line Support Engineer at eZ Systems (as freelance) on Free Software:

Solving complex bugs entering the 3rd line of support.

Strengthening of development standards and best practices.

Code reviews.

Algorismi (October 2010)

Expert PHP developer at Algorismi (as freelance) on the software:

Development of Jira and Bugzilla connectors.

eZ Systems (September 2009 - September 2010)
eZ Systems

Expert PHP developer at eZ Systems on Free Software:

Responsible of the migration project from Subversion to Git (GitHub).

Strengthening of development standards and best practices.

Code reviews.

Ausy (February 2007 - September 2009)

Ausy consultant specialized in Free Software technologies, realizations:

  • LAMP consultancy at SNCB/NMBS:
    • Senior PHP developer:
      • Definition of auditing rules for web applications
      • Quality audits and code review of web applications
      • Some web applications reworked from scratch
      • Course and demonstration given in the field of web application security & hacking
    • PHP competence center architect:
      • Technical Leader of a team of more than 20 PHP developers
      • PHP developments responsible
      • Setup of Subversion (SVN) and Release Management rules
      • Setup of continuous integration practices (unit testing: PHPUnit, CruiseControl, phpUnderControl)
      • Developers coaching
      • Reinforcement and standardardization of developments based on the Zend Framework
      • Setup of a dedicated Linux architecture
      • Technology watch
Dixite (June 2004 - February 2007)

Technical Lead consultant at Dixite in the frame of the Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack, realizations:

Belgacom (November 2002 - June 2004)

Analyst/Developer at Belgacom, and having led the following web applications from conception to realization and implementation:

  • Development of an OMS:
    • Middleware managing orders (XML), coming from other fixed telephone operators - about additions, deletions or changes of internet lines (xDSL).
    • The application is highly oriented on the various technologies of the World Wide Web Consortium:
    • The application generates an important number of reports in miscellaneous formats (XML, PDF, CSV, Excel). A particular attention has been put in the abstraction between data handling and rendering.
  • Realization of a DMS and its portal web site:
    • Functionalities of common and advanced searches (based on metadata, content, etc.)
    • Relational organization of the documents
    • Security aspects and management of user groups
    • High level of system administration facilities (content, lay-out and folder organization)
    • Documents update fully handled through the portal
  • Realization of a Marketing e-Survey application to collect customer satisfaction information
  • Realization of a simplified project management tool
  • Realization of statistical and graphical tools for a real-time follow-up of Belgacom's network
  • Realization of XML data input scripts to databases
Stage at depinxi
de pinxi

End of studies graduate job : 15 weeks effort spent at company depinxi as web developer.

Job consisted in programming and implementing of a tool to interfere with a graphical engine from a web interface. This meant the possibility to influence the animation in real time.


Information technology


I am occasionally a speaker at conferences talking about:

I also follow a great number of conferences to stay informed on PHP and web technologies.

Zend Certified PHP 4 Zend Certified PHP 5
Content Management System (CMS)
Computer languages:
Other languages:
  • JavaScript
  • JCL
  • Basic


  • French (mother tongue)
  • English (fluent)
  • Dutch (good understanding)

Education and training


High-school (1999 - 2002):

Institut Paul Lambin - graduate in Information Technologies, option Artificial intelligence. Achieved with distinction

University (1998 - 1999):

Université Libre de Bruxelles - 1st candidature in Information Technologies

School (1992 - 1998):

Collège Jean XXIII in Woluwé-Saint-Pierre Directions : mathematics, sciences, computer science,… Prime award of mathematics


My studies at Paul Lambin institute have brought me a wide understanding on methodologies and techniques to analyze and solve problems through the usage of computer technologies.

Here is an outline of the domains studied in detail


  • Algorithmic and analysis
  • Principles of programming
  • Structures of data
  • Analyze and design of data bases
  • Object-oriented programming (C++)


  • Networks laboratory
  • Networks and Transmissions
  • Networks programming
  • Internet, Intranet

Applied mathematics:

  • Mathematics
  • Numeric computation
  • Logic
  • Statistics

Business Management:

  • Economics and enterprise functions
  • Organization
  • Project management

Personal information


First name: Patrick

Birthdate: 16th July 1980

Birthplace: Uccle (Brussels)

Nationality: Belgian

E-mail: patrickallaert [at]

Mobile phone: +32 486 46 06 77



  • Aikido
  • Bowling (Interclub, championships & tournaments)
  • Badminton
  • Squash
  • Climbing
  • Fitness


  • Cinema
  • Go out with friends
  • Creation of web application with PHP


  • I am member of the Mensa group since 2002.