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10/11 Projects : UNIMOG 404 information MORE

07/09 Projects : Renault goelette, after one year of restoration CLICK HERE
23/08 Photos : Olvaar's Birthday .. 30 already some pictures from the birthday party CLICK HERE
17/08 Photos : Crazy stockcar in Montenaken for some pictures CLICK HERE
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20/01 : Yessss ... My "Olvaar-is-an-idiot" - site has reached its first milestone : 1.000 VISITORS !!! Hip hip hoera for the one who is reading this !
18/01 Photos : My UNIMOG 404, the first pics.

01/01 : HAPPY NEW YEAR, and all the best for 2003
12/12 Photos : The restoration of My brother's JEEP CJ-7 in August of 2000. The Photos are online. THE CJ IS FOR SALE ! CLICK HERE
/11 Videos : The first olvaar movie is online
. called BMX - CLICK HERE. Let me know what you think of it.
23/11 Photos : The old Thailand Photos are online again : CLICK HERE to view them.
11/11 Whoops : There are people visiting and reading my website. That's unhealthy.
01/11 Peter has changed jobfunctions : Bye bye, Hello Xpeqt ATE equipment.
30/10 The first Photos from Isla Margarita are on line : CLICK HERE to view them.
23/10 Vacation's over :-( Back to work.
07/10 On Vacation : Peter and Kelly in venzuela - Isla Margarita.
15/09 The first prliminary site is online : Yippie !
12/09 is registered. A new useless website is born.

Olvaar ? - Who is ...

Peter Claes AKA. Olvaar was born (1973) and raised in a small town called 'Beurs'.

To keep a long story short :

Beurs is located in Ulbeek.
Ulbeek is located in Wellen.
Wellen is located in Limburg.
Limburg is located in Belgium.
Belgium is loacted in Europe.
And Europe is located ..
well on the earth, and that is probably the same place as you are, so

My first computer Commodore CBM 3032My kindergarten years flew by (yeah yeah They should have kept me there :-)

At the age of 6 .. The first days at school (gemeenteschool Wellen) That was also the year i had my first computer. well at first it was my dad's, but as years flew by it became mine. At this moment I still have it standing in my bedroom.

So you say : Where are the photos ? Well CLICK HERE TO 'FIND OLVAAR' in the 1st grade.

After 1st grade comes ... right !! CLICK HERE TO FIND OLVAAR !

In the 5th grade the trouble started .. The school had to close down, and i had to change for just 1 year ! :-(

6th grade and 1st year of highschool : 2 years at 'the sacred school', namely at the St-Aloysius institute in Zepperen - St-Truiden.

CLICK HERE TO FIND OLVAAR at most sacred moment in his life ??? Yeah right!!

After that it wend DOWN .. :-)

No .. seriously, NEVER send your kids to a religious school ... IT SUCKS.

So I had it with those 'in general' school, and went to a catholic (read: not good) Technical (read: better) school : Technicum - St-Truiden.

A PHOTO .. no really ! .. alright alright, if it really has to ... CLICK HERE, DIDN'T YOU FIND ME YET ?!

Here I did my 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade, of mechanic and electricity. But at the end of the 4th grade, Disaster struck !
During my final exams, I broke my arm while riding to school with my bike... And yep .. I flunked, and had to do the 4th grade again.

SAD STORY ?! Nope no regreds at all ... My father, who was teaching at that school, told me that it would be right if i changed school, to a REAL technical school. He is a WISE man, love the guy. And so me and my sister searched for another cool technical school. And after 4 weeks I found it : TIHH - Hasselt. 'The school of the underdogs' :-)

Ooh yes, before i forget it ... In those 4 weeks i gave HELL to those teachers who flunked. 1 guy (teacher practicum) got completely desperate, because i had steamed through his course, and had the whole lessons for a complete year finished in ONE week. After that 1 week, he couldn't keep up with me .. LOSER !!

So where was i, ooh yes the school of the underdogs .. There I started as a REAL underdog in a reorientation grade. I got all the lessons ALL over again. So it was a piece of cake. And got boring.. very fast. Also Met new friends, and the word : 'DETENTION' :-)

EM LET'S SEE ... A Photo ... YEAH YEAH FIND ME BLA BLA BLA .. And for all the girls reading this : 'YES, WHITE SOCKS -WERE- FASHION, HI HI HI' kill me ...


Ok ok ... so i finished that year with ease .. but at least i discovered a whole new world .. outside the school ...