The mechanical scanned display
How it is build .. for more details contact me
Mogging Fun ?
Digging out the unimog ... I want a winch ...
1 Minute horror
The mud monster, my brother stuck in 2 feet of mud ..
The good, the bad and...
Carlo Thoelen, the guy where all my stuff is parked in the backyard. (in his natural habitat)
The First Olvaar Web Movie - Olvaar, after 13 years, back on a BMX bike. ENJOY !
Kelly's Birthday Party
Fancy dress Party
Topradio in Carnaval - St-Truiden
Beer, fun and Unimog
The Olvaar Webcam
Added a webcam, looking out over the parkinglot
My unimog winch mount
Some photos of the removable w inch mount
Vacation Turkey 2003
Peter and Kelly's trip to Antalya - Turkey
The Goelette Project - part II
Photos after one year of restoration
Olvaar's birthday party
23 th of august - Olvaar 30 years young
Crazy Stockcar
17 th of august in Montenaken
The 1968 UNIMOG 404s
The First picture of the UNIMOG (shot at night)
The 1978 JEEP CJ-7
The restoration in August of 2000

Some Personal Photos
Olvaar on Camera

Peter And Kelly on Vacation in Thailand
Photos from our trip to Thailand (september 2001)

The Goelette Project
Photos from the Restoration of a 1952 Renault Goelette
Vacation Venezuela 2002
Photos from our vacation on Isla Margarita