About Tripp Lentsch Yachts

The Tripp Lentsch 29 is a Bill Tripp design from around 1960, apparently an adaptation of the earlier Tripp 30, with a slightly different stern. The yachts were built by De Vries Lentsch in the Netherlands, but many of them were exported to the United States. In 1969 De Vries Lentsch went into bankruptcy after building probably about 50 Tripp 29s, and all the rights, as well as the tools to make these yachts were acquired by Vos Shipyards. Vos built another 7 Tripp Lentsch yachts, of which probably only one has an original bronze De Vries Lentsch builder's plate (something I haven't yet cleared up is why some -or all?- Tripp 30s have "Werkspoor" builder's plates). After Vos stopped production, the tools were stored at Coniplex Medemblik, and another few yachts have been built. Apparently also Van Lent at the Kaag built four Tripp 29s. Our Peer Gynt has been built in all likelihood by Vos. If so, Vos should be complimented especially for the care they took in building the interior, which is nicer than that of any other Tripp 29 I have seen.

These two websites offer more information about the Tripp Lentsch 29. Erik Neve's site "Friends of Tripp Lentsch" offers a wealth of material on the history of the boats, and he has located many surviving Tripps. Laura Watt's site about her "Mouette" is a celebration of the beauty of this wonderful family of boats.

Friends of Tripp Lentsch

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