Here you can find a lot of links I have found usefull enough to keep them on this page ;-)
So I can find them back quickly where ever I am.

Work related links

I'm a java programmer and I use eclipse as my IDE, it's free, extensible and does an amaging job at refactoring code.
The best Java IDE : Eclipse don't take my word for it, give it a try.
With Firefox and these two extensions, venkman and webdeveloper you can make a good site.

Hobby related links

Some sites related to some of my hobbies. My hobbies are football, snowboarding, badminton, webdesing, ...
Peestoemp het oudleidingskamp van de chiro van achter olen.
De site van Chiro Achter Olen.
F.C. Sparta, een ploegske uit Geel dat speelt in de arbeiders kompetitie kempen.

Some sites I made or am making

My personal playground for experimenting with java, xhtml, php, mySql, CSS, seo, ranking, svg, regex and much more things you can find on RPDS aka -:-)
Peestoemp het oudleidingskamp van de chiro van achter olen.
F.C. Sparta, een ploegske uit Geel dat speelt in de arbeiders kompetitie kempen.
De site van Slegers algemene aannemingen en tuinbouw uit Beverst heb ik gemaakt als eindwerk voor cpwd.
OOo tutorial

Open source stuff & free stuff

osswin | gimp | eclipse | OOo | picasa | firefox | thunderbird | nvu | openclipart | Inkscape SVG Editor |

Links for the young ones

As the title says the next paragraph of my links is dedicated to the little people. Most of these links are for my little nephew and niece.
studio 100 | nijntje | bob de bouwer | ketnet | sesamstraat | cbeebies | cartoonnetwork | musti |

Usefull tools

Over the last few years I came across a lot of usefull tools for a lot of different things.
for combatting spyware Hijack This | Hijack This Logfile | Process Explorer | Autoruns | Ad-Aware | Spybot-S&D |
when everything else fails... bootdisk | netbootdisk | linux on a floppydisk |
for coding CodeSearch | koders |
other Wink |

Other links

In this paragraph the links which I can not add to a specific category have found a place.
maporama | systranbox | alternative dictionaries | |
kapao | codo |

Firefox extensions I use

The browser I use is firefox. I like it because it is extensible, fast and not IE ;-). It does a better job rendering and it follows the CSS standards better than IE. Another good thing is that it is open source and still getting beter. So here are the extensions I'm using today.
for daily use:
sage a RSS reader for fx | Googlebar |
for webdevelopment:
My personal favorite webdeveloper extenstion | User agenst switcher | Venkman | live http headers |
for tweaking firefox:
menu editor | Switch style with the context style swither extension | This brings back the advanced java script options | Build Id | increase performance of firefox with tweak network settings extension | view cookies | about extension |
for seo stuff:
searchstatus | SEOpen | Html validator |