Winnaars 32

 Laurie Brokenshire uit Londen is de winnaar van onze zodiak.
"What SUPER news!
Looking forward to playing with Zodiac, and once again thank you for the good news - but thank you even more for the great work that you are doing with young people in stretching their minds. You are helping to build a legacy for the future that they will always remember you for, and which I know will improve all of their lives."

"You will see that I solved a 'triple L'for Laurie, leaving the 'L'piece out, also leaving out my own birthsign, Libra - and the one that looks like a magician - which I also have as one of my hobbies!
PS Those are some of my puzzle jugs in the background."

Sarah Risselin
wint de TI84 Plus.
Haar examen Analytische Meetkunde wordt hiermee perfect!