Porsche 911 Club Sport

Date: 1989

Model: 911 Carrera Club Sport, sports car

Chassis type: monocoque

Chassis number: WP0ZZZ91ZKS102947

Engine type: 3.2 litre, aircooled, flat 6

Engine number: 63K03163

Gearbox type: G-50

Gearbox number:


By 1989 Porsche 911s had got very heavy with air-conditioning, electric seats and so on.

The Club Sport was meant to reflect the values of the legendary RS Carrera, consequently anything un-necessary was removed - air conditioning, rear seats, sound proofing, the passenger sunvisor, even the space saver spare wheel was made from alloy. 

This saved 10% of the weight of the car with corresponding increase in performance (acceleration on a par with a turbo), and the feel is much more like a "real" 911 than other late 911s.

But, customers wanted their luxury consequently between 1987 & 1989 Porsche only sold 300 of these cars, which makes it one of the rarest of all Porsches.

The CS has now moved on to a new owner, in France, hopefully he will be able to avoid featuring in police photographs................