Alfa Romeo SVZ

Date: 1957

Model: Giulietta SVZ

Chassis type: road car rebodied in aluminium

Chassis number: 1493-04045

Engine type: Alfa Romeo twin-cam

Engine number: 

Gearbox type: Alfa Romeo

Gearbox number:


When Dore Leto di Priolo crashed his Alfa Romeo Sprint Veloce in the 1956 Mille Miglia he took the wreckage to Zagato and had it rebodied in aluminium: not only was this cheaper than Alfa, it was considerably lighter (750Kg rather than the original 845Kg) and more streamlined. This car, subsequently became one of the fastest cars in its class and around two dozen other private owners had Zagato carry out similar transformations, all of which differed in various ways.
These cars, known as Sprint Veloce Zagatos (SVZs), were so successful that in 1960 Alfa Romeo had to introduce their own version the SZ (Sprint Zagato) of which they produced over 200 examples.


This car, chassis number 1493-04045, was finished by Alfa Romeo on March 1st 1957 and supplied on the June 3rd 1957 to the Swiss Alfa Romeo distributors in Lugano.
It was registered BE125785 (Berne registration) and apparently homologated on July 5th 1960.
It was imported into Italy on July 4th 1975 and given the registration PZ99308 (Potenza reg).
It is thought that the car was rebodied sometime prior to this date.
In the early 2000s it was sold to Portugal, registered GD-40-02 and prepared for historic events, receiving FIA papers on May 10th 2001 and subsequently taking part in events such as the Tour díEspagne.
It has all the best features of the Zagato bodied cars - double bubble roof, covered headlights, round wheel arches and rounded tail.


Iíve been doing some work on the Alfa and it now has :
new brakes
AVO adjustable dampers
Alfaholics uprated anti-roll bar
Vredestein Classic tyres
LED light bulbs
a rebuilt set of 40 DCOE Webers

Powerlite starter motor and dynamo
123-ignition distributor, Bosch coil
Alfa Stop radiator and an electric fan.
It now drives and stops as it should and is an extremely quick road car, surprising many quick modern cars.