Brbaham BT16 Formula One

Date: 1965

Model: BT16 Formula Two, uprated to Formula One

Chassis type: Space frame

Chassis number: F2-2-65 (?)

Engine type: Lotus twin-cam, 1 litre 4 cylinder

Engine number: 

Gearbox type: VW-Hewland mark 6

Gearbox number:


The Winkelmann Formula 2 team stayed on at Enna in 1965 and fitted Lotus twin cam engines to their Brabham BT16 Formula 2 cars (normally they ran 1 litre Cosowrth SCA engines in F2).

Alan Rees and Jochen Rindt (the normal F2 team drivers) both drove in the Mediterranean GP with the F2 cars in this F1 form. Neither car finished, the extra power of the larger engines proving too much for the drievshafts.

This car was originally believed to be Rindt's car, but since then documentation has come to light suggesting that it might not be.

The Brabham proved to be an incredibly successful historic race car:

4 different drivers won historic races in this car, its worst result being second place!!