Cooper MG

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Date: 1952

Model: Sports racing car

Chassis type: ladder frame

Chassis number: 4/4/52

Engine type: MG XPAG

Engine number: 15 UH 162152

Gearbox type: MG TC

Gearbox number:


Lionel Leonard ordered this car for 1952 and registered it KOY 500 (to match JOY500, LOY500 & MOY500). It was to replace his first Cooper MG, JOY500 that he had sold to Cliff Davis, and was bodied with a lighter simpler body than the previous ‘barchetta’ bodied car.


For 1953 Leonard sold KOY500  to Horace Gould. At this time it was one of the fastest 1˝ litre sports cars in the UK. It was also widely travelled, racing in Jersey & the Isle of Man as well as all regions of Great Britain. Gould continued to develop the car including fitting Cooper Bristol suspension.


For 1954 Gould bought a Cooper Bristol F2 car and sold KOY500 to Brian Naylor who was also successful. Iain Davidson also hillclimbed the car at this time.


1952 Season – driver Lionel Leonard


3rd May                        Snetterton                                                                                2nd

17th May                      Boreham                                                                                  DNS

10th May                      Daily Express International Trophy, Silverstone                     28th, 10th in class

29th May                      14th British Empire Trophy, Dundrod, N.Ireland                   RTD (15th in practice)

28th June                      Snetterton                                                                                RTD

10th July                       5th Jersey International Road Race, St. Helier, Jersey            25th, 4th in class (23rd practice)

16th August                  BARC News of the World 9 hours, Goodwood                                

Co-driver Derek Anneble         28th, 7th in class

26th October                 Tarrant Rushton                                                                      1st


1953 Season – driver Horace Gould


3rd April                       Trengwainton                                                                          3rd

21st March                    Goodwood 11th Members Meeting                                       6th race 2

                                                                                                                                     5th race 6

18th June                      BRDC British Empire Trophy Race, Dundrod, N.Ireland

            Co-driver I.D.Lewis                RTD

20th June                      Queensferry sprint                                                                  1st

27th June                      MMEC Silverstone                                                                 4th

25th July                       USAF Trophy Meeting Snetterton                                                      ?

1st August                    Davidstow                                                                               3rd

15th August                  Charterhall, International

Sheena Gray Trophy                                                                 2nd

John Brown Trophy                                                                   ?

19th September             Anerley Trophy, Crystal Palace                                              9th (1st in practice)


                                    1954 Season – driver Brian Naylor

19th April                     Goodwood Easter handicap                                                    RTD

5th June                        West Essex Car Club, Snetterton (1.5 litre sports)                   2nd

West Essex Car Club, Snetterton (handicap race)                   1st

7th June                        Cornwall Motor Racing Club, Davidstow                              2nd Heat 2, 3rd Final    

12th June                      Mid Cheshire Motor Club, Oulton Park                                  3rd

17th July                       Silverstone British GP support International                           ?

2nd August                   Brands Hatch International                                                      2nd Heat 1, RTD Final

14th August                  Snetterton International                                                           ?

28th August                  Wakefield Trophy, Curragh                                                    RTD

11th September             Tourist Trophy, Dundrod, Co-driver George Pitt                    RTD

18th September             Anerley Trophy, Crystal Palace                                              ?

2nd October                  Daily Telegraph International, Aintree                                    5th

9th October                  North Staffs Motor Club, Silverstone                                      2nd 1˝ liter race,

1st 2 liter race,

4th unlimited race

1954 Season – driver Ian Davidson


19th May                      Barbon hill climb                                                                     1st

26th June                      Bo'Ness hill climb                                                                  2nd

12th September             Croft                                                                                       1st

16th April                     Oulton Park                                                                              3rd

The bodywork has been restored by my uncle in Nottingham.
The suspension has been restored by Ian Nuthall.
Engine (full race MG T-type) & gearbox (MG TC) were built and installed by Peter Edney.
KOY500 was finished in 2008 and came 6th in the sports car race at the Monaco Grand Prix historique.

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