Lotus Eleven sports racing

Date: 1956

Model: Eleven series one, sports racing car

Chassis type: space frame

Chassis number: 

Engine type: Coventry Climax FWE

Engine number: 

Gearbox type: MG

Gearbox number:


Rescued from an Irish bog! This was a very early series 1 Lotus Eleven (with split front axle), the Clubman version, with solid rear axle and drum brakes - unusually the front brakes were large aluminium finned mark IX type. 

It had been in Ireland nearly all of its life, and the only part of the history that was unknown was the first year or so of its life and who took it to Ireland. Unusually for the period it was fitted with a roll over bar - but a photo of it flying up an Irish embankment shows that it was a necessary fitment!

 A friend had been to look at the remains and decided it was beyond rescue. We weren't so easily put off! Cyril Linstone managed to turn it all back into a lovely Lotus Eleven.