Emeryson Formula One

Date: 1961

Model: Formula One

Chassis type: Space frame

Chassis number: 1004

Engine type: Coventry Climax FPF, 1 litre 4 cylinder

Engine number: 

Gearbox type: VW-Hewland mark 6

Gearbox number:   


1961 Emeryson Formula 1.  Emeryson works car.  Based on their Formula Junior design but with uprated chassis, brakes & wheels to m,atch the larger Formula 1 engine & gearbox.

This car was always fitted with a Coventry Climax engine, (the cars belonging to Equipe Nationale Belge also ran with 1500 cc Maserati engines).  Built by Paul Emery who built Formula 1 cars to every post war GP formula from 1940s 4 litre upto late 1960s 3 litre.  Despite being acknowledged as a great engineer, as with most privateer F1 teams, a lack of adequate finances always prevented the cars from showing their true form.

This is the only known surviving Emeryson F1 car, and has been completely rebuilt and raced successfully since then.  This car was track tested by Motor Racing magazine in September 1961.

23/7/61   GP der Solitude,                                         Mike Spence,                   rtd

23/9/61   Gold Cup,                        Oulton Park,       Jack Fairman                practised with streamlined bodywork

1/10/61   Lewis Evans trophy           Brands Hatch,    Mike Spence                    2nd

1/4/62     Brussels GP,                      Heysel                John Campbell Jones        5th

23/4/62   Lavant Cup                        Goodwood         Tony Settember                rtd

23/4/62   Glover Trophy                    Goodwood         Tony Settember                8th

28/4/62   Aintree 200                                                   Tony Settember                8th

12/5/62   International Trophy            Silverstone          Tony Settember                14th

20/5/62   GP di Napoli                       Possillippo          Tony Settember                9th

11/6/62   Crystal Palace Trophy                                    Tony Settember                4th

21/7/62   British GP                           Aintree                Tony Settember                11th

1/9/62     Gold Cup                           Oulton Park          Tony Settember                rtd

16/9/62   Italian GP                           Monza                  Tony Settember                rtd

1/9/62     GP de Pau                                                      Tony Settember                rtd

28/4/63   Charterhall                                                       Eric Liddell                      crashed

Eric Liddell bought the car from Tony Settember in April 1963 and crashed it in his first race.  The remains were then sold to Robin Smith who converted them into a sports car (called Project 4).  He sold Project 4 to Paul Compton. We bought Project 4 in 1992, and since then have had it restored back to its original Formula 1 spec.

Raced at the first Goodwood circuit revival by Paul Osborn.

Now belongs to Brian Ashby in Derbyshire, UK.