Williams FW-04 Formula One

Date: 1975

Model: FW04, Formula One

Chassis type: Aluminium monocoque

Chassis number: FW04-1

Engine type: Cosworth DFV, 3 litre V8

Engine number: 

Gearbox type: Hewland FG400

Gearbox number: 


The last car made & raced by Frank Williams Racing Cars (in 1976 the team was taken over by Walter Wolf).

Designed by Ray Stokoe and driven by Jacques Laffitte, this car came 2nd in the German Grand Prix, a result that provided Williams with enough money to continue - without that result Williams would probably not be in F1 today.

For 1976 it was sold to Brain McGuire (Australian who came to Europe with Alan Jones), together with the un-raced spare car, McGuire raced them in the British Shellsport F1/F5000 Championship - unfortunately he was killed in the 2nd chassis.