Lotus mark X sports racing

This photo belongs to Bob Engberg

Date: 1955

Model: Mark X, sports racing car

Chassis type: space frame

Chassis number: "James Dean's car"

Engine type: Offenhauser 91 ci

Engine number: 423

Gearbox type: MG TC

Gearbox number:


James Dean ordered a Lotus Mark X to replace the Porsche Speedster that he had been racing in Californian club events.

He ordered a rolling chassis, so that he could use an Offenhauser 4 cylinder engine rather than the usual 6 cylinder Bristol engine fitted to the other mark Xs.

Unfortunately the car was delayed and he purchased a Porsche Spyder and was killed in that before he could race the Lotus.

After his death the Lotus was raced by Jerry Timanus with MG & Coventry Climax engines, then Stan Peterson with a Buick V8.

The car has been restored by Mike Brotherwood and the Offenhauser engine is now with a well respected engine builder.



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