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Recent news:


Time for a 2016 update!
March 85B is on its way to South Africa where it will be joining Emmanuele Pirro’s car.
The space left by the 85B has been filled by a Lotus VI, more on that soon…
Connaught is staying with Rob & Sam Wilson and had a rest this year and will be out again in 2017.
Cooper Zephyr and Lotus X are progressing and due to run in 2017.

Lotus X has returned and the Offenhauser engine has gone to the engine builder, hopefully it will be running later this year.
Alfa Romeo has moved to England and is being prepared for circuit racing.
Connaught will be out at various events this year, hopefully Goodwood will put on a suitable tribute to 60 years since Tony Brooks won at Syracuse.

Time for an update as we reach the end of another year:
The March 85B now has a DFV display engine fitted.
The Connaught has been fettled by Bo Hare and is chomping at the bit ready to go.
Mike Brotherwood has just started to finish the Lotus X and should be done early next year.
The Cooper Zephyr is progressing and should be finished next year.
I’ve been working on the Alfa, replaced all the brakes, fitted new adjustable dampers, uprated anti-roll bar, and other things and have been embarrassing quick modern cars with it.
The Lotus 78 windtunnel model is on its way to the new American home of F1…

The Connaught was driven by Tony Brooks and Simon Diffey at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Tony was wonderful and dealt admirably with the crowds of fans & autograph hunters.
Simon drove the Connaught at VSCC Snetterton where he was 5th and set a faster lap than the C-type Connaught.
The Cooper Zephyr engine is progressing and should be ready in the new year.
I found a Tyrrell 026 here in Belgium and it is now on its way to its original driver.
The new owner of Elva MBU309 has finished it and displayed it at a couple of car shows in the UK where it has been very well received.
The original owner/builder of the Biota has been in touch and will come to be reunited with 'Olive' in the near future.

Even longer since I updated this page…sowhat’s new in April 2012
The Connaught has been rebuilt and was tested at Silverstone, it is due to be driven by Tony Brooks at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.
The March 85B F3000 has just been painted and has been re-assembled.
Cooper Zephyr RKT930 is progressing at my uncle’s in Nottingham.
Tyrrell 010-5 came and went during 2009 another Tyrrell project is being investigated…
Elva MBU309 has changed hands and will appear with another related car when it is finished.
Cooper MG KOY500 moved back to England in early 2010 and is now being raced by Chris Guest.

I've not updated this page for some time, so a quick round up as we near the end of 2009:
KOY500 was finished in time for the 2008 Monaco Historic Grand Prix where it came 6th after fighting the whole race with a Ferrari with an engine three times its size, I demonstrated it in torrential rain at Dundrod during the Ulster Motorbike Grand Prix, and it has just completed the Madgwick cup at the Goodwood revival, where as usual it was the fastest car of its capacity.
At Monaco the Scirocco went really well and came second, David Methley the current owner of the March 761 loves it and has now won several races in it.
The Elva Mark 1 is progressing with its original type of Rochdale body and will hopefully be running in 2010.
Mike Brotherwood is making good progress with the Lotus X
I must get round to repainting and re-assembling the Championship winning March 85B F3000 soon!!
The Cooper Zephyr restoration is due to start before the end of the year

I’ve bought a 1985 F3000 car, the
March 85B driven by Christian Danner to win the first ever F3000 championship.
I've just bought what appears to be the only surviving Rochdale F-type body for the Elva Mark 1.
The Connaught has been put up for sale to finance other projects.
I've found and started restoring another Elva Mark 1, chassis no. 7, the 2nd oldest known and the first Climax engined Elva.
Mike Brotherwood has started the restoration of the Lotus 10, commencing with installing the Offenhauser engine & MG TC gearbox.
The Cooper MG is progressing well, the bodywork is finished, engine & gearbox fitted and should be running very soon.

About me:

I have been involved in historic motor racing for most of my life. Born in England (where my Father was known to rebuild his pre-war Riley's on the kitchen table), I was dragged to Belgium when 8 years old and apart from 3 years learning Mechanical Engineering at UMIST in Manchester, have been enjoying the great food & drink of Belgium ever since..

We started out in historic racing with a 1936 Riley Sprite, 2 seater sports car, later with a 1960 Lotus 20/22 Formula Junior - experience running that led to me working for an F3000 team, and a contact there led to me restoring historic race cars virtually full-time.

Description: C:\Users\Peter\Cars\Website\thsprite.jpg    Description: C:\Users\Peter\Cars\Website\Thlot22.jpg

Since then we have found & restored all sorts of historic racing cars, some of which have been sold or exchanged to finance other projects, others are kept for our own enjoyment.

Several of the cars are related to each other: e.g.
Paul Emery built the Emeryson in the old Connaught factory (where the B-type started) in 1961, Tony Settember took over Emeryson and built the Scirocco in 1963 and in 1966 Paul Emery returned to Formula 1 with the Shannon. 

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YELLOW means the car is currently for sale
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GREEN means the car has been sold or exchanged

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guess which one was ours!!


When time permits I will add more pages of links and other useful information.....