3rd of June 2008 13:15


3,9kg & 56cm

Apgar: 7 - 9 - 10

After a record breaking dive, submerging in Cape Town South Africa, Ilya Hanquart has finally, after nine long months, surfaced in Belgium.
It took some time to take off his wet suit and other diving gear, but after that he fell into the arms of his parents who where anxiously waiting for him. He shows no signs whatsoever of decompression sickness, even after such a long dive.  However, so far he is not releasing any critical information to anyone.  We suspect he has a non-disclosure agreement with the Russian FSB, who co-ordinated this event.
Right now as you can see, he is relaxing and taking some time off.

More details will follow on a need to know bases...

The proud parents,

Oxana & Marco