You can find us also on facebook under my name "Spinnael Nancy" or under the group "Plateau Bavarois" (private group)





22/05/2019 :

I have no time anymore to update my site, all news are on my facebook, I just update the page of puppy plans, we finally didn't plan any litter anymore for Lanza, no time for puppies with my work, next litter is on planning in 2020, 2018 and 2019 I don't have time to be busy with a litter


28/05/2018 :

Show news, only Wieze 20/05/2018 with 4 dogs, Paco in openclass 2 excellent, Jiminy in championclass 3 excellent, Queres last show in puppyclass 1 very promissing, best puppy and selected by the 6 best puppies in honor ring and Aqua 1st time in junior class 2 excellent and confirmation breeding standard for St Hubertus.

Oeps and Jiminy are proud parents of 12 puppies, 10 alive, 5 males and 5 females

Vanilla (Fien) and Paco are proud parents also of 12 puppies, 11 alive, 5 males and 6 females

Echography of Toa is done, she is pregnant but apparently very small litter

New matings for Jiminy in Germany with Whitney and Yam Yam Leo v. Jerichower Land


30/04/2018 :

Show news, 2 shows in Netherlands, 18/03/2018 Leiden, Paco won the openclass from 3 males and Jiminy 2nd place in championclass from 5 males. Paco receive also RCAC RCACIB but receive CAC and CACIB from the 1st champion already champion of Netherlands and international. Then 01/04/2018 show Goes, Paco 3 excellent in open and Jiminy 1 excellent in champion with RCAC RCACIB. After we took 1 week holidays and drive to Germany, Chemnitz where we enter Paco and Jiminy, both won there class and receivce both CAC VDH + klub and Paco also RCACIB. Day after we drive to Salzburg in Austria and unbelivable but both won again there class with CACA, Jiminy also CACIB and BOB and finally 4th best of group II in honor ring, Kiwi was also entered and was 1 excellent CACA in champion. Week after we drive to Maubeuge in France, Paco 2nd excellent RCAC from a big strong class of 6 males, Jiminy 1 excellent in champion from 2 males. We enter also at this show a breeding group with Mistral, Paco, Pangée and Queres and we won the 1st place. Last week 22/04/2018 we did the show in Belgium, Antwerp, Paco 1st time in champion class, 3 excellent and our 2 puppies Queres 1 very promissing and Aqua 2nd promissing. Also present 4 childrens of Jiminy, Guust 1 excellent in intermediate class, Queres 1 very good in junior class and finally Rubis and Rumba both in baby class, both very promissing and Rubis 5th in honor ring


Coming months we will try to do the shows on saturday as we start again waterwork each sunday


Mating news, Ashanti give birth to 5 puppies but saddly due to an infection she lost them all. Nisha give birth to 11 puppies, 2 males and 9 females, Etta give birth to 9 puppies, 5 males and 4 females and Paco is aslo father with Puck, 10 puppies, 8 alive, 4 males and 4 females. Jiminy mated in Belgium Oeps Lions from d'Es, she is pregnant and Paco mated Vanilla von Tregelaar who is also pregnant. Last week Jiminy mated Toa, echography is for next month


13/03/2018 :

Some update for the last weeks.

About shows, we did 2 shows in february and 1 in march, 1st was the open show in Herve with 4 of our dogs, Paco in intermdediate class won 1 excellent, best male from the open and BOB, Igloo was 1 excellent and best veteran and our 2 puppy girls receive both very promissing, Queres 1st and Aqua 2nd. Then show in Gent with a very good specialist judge from Germany, for one time 4 males in intermediate class, last show for Paco in intermediate and he did it again, 1 excellent with very high comments of the judge, Jiminy in champion class did 3 excellent and Aqua 1 very promissing in puppy and best puppy, saddly no honnor ring as we had to go home for 2 matings, one for Paco and one for Jiminy. Begin march we did the show in Genk, 1st time for Paco in openclass, strong class with 5 dogs and Paco 1 excellent, unbelivable and later second best male RCAC. Jiminy in champion receive 2 excellent.

Concerning matings, Ashanti from CZ is pregnant, Nisha from Germany too so again 2 nice coming litters for Jiminy.

We bring a visite to puppies with Leila in France, up and back with plane to Bordeaux, then to Netherlands to visit Barinka's puppies and finally in Belgium to visit Noortje's puppies.

Golda in Israel give birth to 5 lovely puppies, all females from our Paco.

New matings are for Paco with Puck in Netherlands and Amita in Germany and for Jiminy with Etta in Germany, Puck is pregnant, Etta also.

Ashanti give birth to 5 puppies, 3 males and 2 females

We receive new demand in Netherlands for mating with Jiminy but saddly we can't accept, in Netherlands male can only have 6 litters, Jiminy have already 5 and we promise him for a new mating with Toa


02/02/2018 :

Some update of the month january 2018.

Concerning the shows, we enter in Weelde 07/01/2018 only Paco, he won the intermediate class with 1 excellent

Then Mouscron 27/01/2018, we enter 3 dogs, Paco won again the intermediate class with 1 excellent, Jiminy receive a nice 2nd place with excellent in champion class and Queres won the baby class 1 very promissing and best baby from the male

Concerning the matings, mating of Jiminy with Joyce give saddly nothing, she stay empty but we try again next time. Mating with Leila Inukamour give birth to 11 puppies, 8 alive. Mating with Noortje Lions from d'Es give birth to 11 puppies, all alive. Mating with Buchiro Barinka Gardian Angel give birth to 15 puppies, 13 alive.

Other good news is that Golda in Israel is pregnant, 1st litter of Paco will be born soon.

And finally new matings for Jiminy in CZ and Germany, soon more news after echography and one new mating for next week also in Germany, our Jiminy have a busy time :-)