All our dogs are controlled for HD, ED, all have also teeth card, eyes test, selection of St Hubertus, also DNA test and LPN1 and 2 and LEMP.

We have also frozen semen from all our males from the past and the present. If you want to know more about a dog, you can contact us and ask for the official papers.

Our males are only available for matings with females who have done all tests needed for breeding.

Actually at home we have 4 males and 5 females.



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  Igloo du Plateau Bavarois 

  King Szachal   

  Jiminy Jamppa du Chateau des Lys  

  Paco du Plateau Bavarois 






  Gina du Plateau Bavarois 

  Email 4 You Member of the Leogang  

  Lanzarote du Plateau Bavarois 

  Aqua Di Gio Baltic Leon's 

  Queres du Plateau Bavarois 






Kimberly vom Mühlenberg 

  Ulawna von Löwenkraft  

  Ulcka von Löwenkraft  

  Zohon du Plateau Bavarois 

 Kinglord's Miss Galadriel  

  Zebraa du Plateau Bavarois 

   Memicedaiska Xindi Thoula 

  Medoc vom Dreiburgenland 

  Kinglord's Mr Balder  

  Callas du Plateau Bavarois 

  Domani du Plateau Bavarois 

  Jamaïca du Manoir de Vaduz 

  Catalunya du Plateau Bavarois 

  Vlori vom Ossmannstedter Grund  

Freya Ensson Bohemia 

  Dragon Dzeus de la Legende du Chêne