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Total lenght of the tracks: 48,464 m
Total lenght of the Catenary wire: 1,200 m
Number of locomotives: 8
Number of cars: 17
July 24, 2003: the start of a total new project, LGB-Trains, Train modelling in big scale; 1/22,5
LGB stands for Lehmann Gross Bahn.
"The Big Train"

This web site will be growing over several years, displaying the different stages of my LGB-hobby.You can follow the expansion in the different EPISODES!
The construction of our new home started in Januari 2006, there will be a special room in the seller, where I will be build a huge indoor train station. Thru a specialy made opening in the concrete wall, the trains and rolling stock will be able to drive into the garden. Here you can find foto and data.

I have always been interested in Train- and Scale modelling as you can notice at my other web site

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