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My name is Yaya Jallow. I arrange and organise bird watching trips or nature in general.
My trips on the coastal areas are normally full days and half days.
I also arrange upriver or inland for over night trips. Depending on how many days you want to stay.
I normally stay at tendabacamp for the first night then to Georgetown for second night i stay at the bird safari camp or Baoblong lodge.
For further information you can please contact on me on,

Email: yayajallow7@hotmail.com
Phone: 0022O 9948425.

Further relations see: The Gambia Birding Group
Gambia Pagina
Where do i work: Ocean Bay Hotel & Resort
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Searching for the Guestbook Viper X1.1 / Detection Pack 1.0.1. Well I have the guestbook for you, send a Email to Rini Steenhorst and i will send the guestbook to you for 5,- Euro. If you have questions you can write me also. The skin in my guestbook is included, see throw the follow link YaYa's Guestbook.


Sunrise in the morning

Watching birds in the early morning
Bird watching in the early morning gives you very nice pictures like the picture above. You see also many other birds and other animals

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Nature of Gambia
In Gambia are many monkeys, you also can give the monkeys peanuts.
Crocodiles in the wild you even can try to touch them.
In my guided tours you can see many butterfly's. Watch and believe the experience of Gambia nature.
All pictures are created by: Rini Steenhorst
News & Updates
Bird watching every Sunday at Ocean Bay Hotel, for free no further costs.

Guestbook reinstalled because the database crashed and all entries are gone. I hope every one will write in my guestbook. Thank you, YaYa

New Bird Picture Database opend, Everyone can upload pictures in the database.

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