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How we see the future.

In 2000, I made contact with Guy Harris another man who did also research to P.P.A. and helped him on his way with his research. I also made more and more contact with family of P.P.A. veterans who where searching for more information about there father, grandfather, etc... Sometimes I could give this information which I've got from the P.P.A. veterans and sometimes I brought veterans back in contact with eachother after they lost contact with eachother in the past. If I look back the way I walked in the last 10 years, I'm very happy and grateful that I've done it. The research to the unit, since 1992 took most of my free time and days off from work. I began with just one name, later 23 names, the capbadge, photos, contact with P.P.A. veterans, the website, the plans of the jeep, etc...
Like I always thought, we never can known the whole history of P.P.A. exactly, so it is our part to search it out, with help of the P.P.A. veterans, and to keep that history alive for the younger generation in the future.

In 2003, I made contact with Roy Paterson a man who did also research to P.P.A and very soon we send a lot of e-mails to eachother. He had already made contact with Guy harris and had plans to started up the Research & Archive Section of P.P.A. and he asked information about P.P.A. and more. We helped eachother in our way for information of P.P.A. and soon the RAS-PPA was a fact. With our three, Guy, Roy and me, the information of P.P.A. grew and grew and we had a lot of information now about P.P.A. for the RAS-PPA.

A while later Roy had the idea to organise a reunion for the P.P.A. veterans, but he had more plans to organise other meetings, a reunion with the veterans in the fields where they fought in Italy, may be an official Memorial for P.P.A.'s men and veterans, etc... These things where different than searching for information so the FoPPA, Friends of P.P.A., was born.

Now I can tell that we are one group who have the same purpose: the research to P.P.A., and to keep this history alive in the future.
Guy and Roy search in another area as me, the RAS-PPA search for and hold the P.P.A. archives. The FoPPA organise meetings and keep in touch with the P.P.A. veterans, family and relatives. The PPA- PS are engaged in the research, restoration and maintenance of P.P.A. vehicles to have a 'driving museum' of P.P.A. for the future. In 2006 we could come up with a few 100% accurate and properly restored P.P.A. vehicles. At the request of some P.P.A. veterans, when they saw several of our vehicles, P.P.A.'s  'H' (which stands for Historical) Patrol was formed in July of that year.

Performance of P.P.A.'s 'H' Patrol to the P.P.A. veterans at the War and Peace Show in Beltring (UK).

A few honorary members and members of P.P.A. 'H' Patrol in the arena at the War and Peace Show in Beltring
L to R: front row: Olga Peniakoff (Popski's daugther), Capt. John Campbell, Lt. Brian Thomas, Peter Thomas.
Middle row: Dieter Weiss, Karl Debulpaep, Matijs Van Rompaey and Kurt van Looke
Rear row: Roy Paterson, Michael Goodrick, Dave Knudsen.

All the information we find and collect we put together in the RAS-PPA and we hope that we can show at one day, all the information where we searching for in the future so that we can tell this piece and sometime amazing but beautiful story to the people in the future about our unit P.P.A..


Five years after the FoPPA was found, the P.P.A. Memorial officially established
at the National Allied Special Forces Grove in Staffordshire on March 30th, 2008.


Source: P.P.A. Preservation Society.
Photos: P.P.A. Preservation Society / Friends of P.P.A..


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