Lieutenant Colonel
Vladimir Peniakoff

(D.S.O. - M.C.)

Who was Popski ?

Popski was the nickname of Vladimir Peniakoff (1897 - 1951), a Russo-Belgian manager of a sugar refinery in Cairo, who joined the British army in Egypt at the outbreak of the Second World War.


What was the Private Army ?

It was the nickname of the No 1 Long Range Demolition Squadron that was commanded by Popski and became famous by its operations behind enemy lines in the North African desert. Later in the war Popski's Private Army (P.P.A.) fought in Italy and in Austria. The P.P.A. was disbanded on 14 september 1945.

What is the Preservation Society ?

A foundation that collects all the information it can find about one of the most spectacularly succesfull irregular units of the Second World War, Popski's Private Army.
We build replica's of the P.P.A. vehicles and fit them out with: historically correct, military equipment, gear, provisions, etc... and present them as a "driving museum". We bring together amateurs of vehicles from W.W.II, organise meetings and drive about with our vehicles.
The P.P.A. Preservation Society is the idea of: Kurt van Looke, who is the chief historian of the equipment. He became personally interested in the P.P.A.  because Popski's was a Belgian, because the P.P.A. is little known and Popski's father had built, in 1920, a living quarter for the man who worked in his factory only 4 miles from where we lives.



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