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This section is for legal information, press and broadcast enquiries, PPA-PS and foPPA's privacy policy and image credits.

There are many different copyrights in the content and data on this website. In addition to the usual image and text copyrights, there is copyright protection for all database data (lists and tables). This means that all content on this website is protected and may not be reproduced without written permission. Permission will generally be granted but you should check with us first and in all cases PPA-PS and foPPA must be acknowledged as the source in one of the following formats :

"Source: PPA-PS"
"Source: PPA-Preservation Society"
"Source: PPA 'H' Patrol"
"Source: FoPPA"
"Source: Friends of PPA"
"Source: Friends of Popski's Private Army"


Press Enquiries:
We are very happy to help with press and broadcast enquiries about PPA and have an extensive collection of archive material, not all of which is publicly available for copyright reasons though.
PPA-PS ans FoPPA must always be credited as the source of any supplied material (see Legal).

Written enquiries can be sent to :

Oude Gentweg 18
9960    Assenede
P.OV    Belgium

Telephone: +32 (0)485 700 257

E-mail: ppa.ps@pandora.be
3 Glendower Place
South Kensington
London SW7 3DU
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7584 7891

Email: foppa@popski.org


Privacy and data protection:
PPA-PS and FoPPA is in touch with all known surviving PPA veterans and about one third of the PPA families, but we do not give out any of their contact details. Although we are very happy to help people with their research into the Popski story, we can only pass on requests for contact and are not responsible for any replies or silence.

Similarly, although one of the primary reasons for developing this website is to bring to light a lot of the material in PPA-PS and foPPA and other archives, PPA-PS and foPPA has only had confirmation regarding the death of about less than one third of all known PPA personnel, so must be circumspect in releasing any personal information beyond name, rank and number.


Image Credits:
All images (photographs, documents and others) on this website are the copyright of their owners as listed below, and may not be reproduced without written permission. Images from The National Archives or the Imperial War Museum are Crown Copyright and reproduced by kind permission. Framed photos are Copyright by the P.P.A. veterans and the Reseach and Archive Section of P.P.A. Unlisted and unframed images are from the PPA-PS and foPPA Archives or are website thumbnail screenshots or other PPA-PS and foPPA website graphics. These are the archive reference codes used throughout the website :

DRA-PS = Desert Raiders Association Archives, Peter Sanders Collection
DRA-PL = Desert Raiders Association Archives, Paul Lincoln Collection
F-AA = foPPA Archives
F-BO = foPPA Archives, Ben Owen Collection
F-GH = foPPA Archives, Guy Harris Collection
F-JR = foPPA Archives, John Rickwood Collection
F-MC = foPPA Archives, Mike Colton Collection
F-RP = foPPA Archives, Roy Paterson Collection
F-VP = foPPA Archives, Popski Collection
IWM-JC = Imperial War Museum, Jean Caneri Papers
PH-DW = PPA-PS 'H' Patrol Archives, Dieter Weiss Collection
PH-KD = PPA-PS 'H' Patrol Archives, Karl Debulpaep Collection
PPA-PS = PPA Preservation Society Archives
TNA-PPA = The National Archives, PPA Papers



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