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Operation Overlord - Normandy.

Danny told Paul How it feels to drive in an open jeep in the pouring rain.

Driving in the heavy rain in an open jeep.

St. Mere Eglise, the droppings of the 82th and 101th Air Borne troops for the anniversary of 50 years liberty in Europe.

Arromanches, the anniversary of 50 years liberty in Europe.

Search of the desert, we passed in Arromanches Normandy.

Point Du Hoq - Normandy, L to R: Viking, Sleepy, Popski, Barny and Danny.

Because of the heavy nights, Barny fell asleep in the local pub.

Popski and Viking are getting ready to sleep in a hayloft.

Two P.P.A. desert jeeps in front of the German military cemetery at La Cambe - Normandy.

We also visited an outdoor museum.

Ofcource we also visited the Pegasus Bridge

several members of the clubs P.P.A., S.A.S. and Yeomanry.

A P.P.A. desert jeep at the farm in Creully - Normandy.

At High speed on our way back home.

















Source: P.P.A. Preservation Society.
Photos: P.P.A. Preservation Society.



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