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'H' Patrol other nice pictures.

Operation Creekroute 1995.

'Mash' and 'Cpl Blutch' at the BBQ of the P.P.A. - P.S. (2005)

As usual we had a campfire at the BBQ of the P.P.A. - P.S.

'Popski' and his muddy jeep at a meeting of the Patton Drivers

'Flappy' and her Patrol jeep.

'Spitfire' of 'H' Patrol at Flikkendag in Ghent.

'Mash' and 'Cpl. Blutch' in their Patrol jeep.

Is it a cat or is it 'Flappy' of 'H' Patrol.

Ooooo I'm so tired, let me sleep man.

Help... It's raining!!!

10th anniversary BBQ of the P.P.A. - P.S.

Andy Anderson son of P.P.A.
veteran Adam Anderson.

'Cpl. Blutch' and Andy with a captured German gun.

'Chief', I'm so pretty.

The Astrolabe Unit Sign in the P.P.A.
plot at Rememberance Day in London.

Capt. John Campbell and Roy Paterson in front of the P.P.A. Memorial.


The making of the P.P.A. Memorial

The unveiling of the P.P.A. memorial

The very hard life of a guard dog

Give me the bottle I'm so thirsty , just my dad

'Popski' and 'Cpl. Blutch' have time for a real good beer.

'Tuur' and Evi at the BBQ of 'H' Patrol

'Mash' and 'Cpl. Blutch' on their way to the unveiling of the P.P.A. Memorial.

Peter 'Nick' Sanders after to much
Black Oak, isn't Paul?

On our way to a meeting on the high way.

Cheers 'Mash'

Local resistance people at the 'H' Patrol BBQ 2011.

Roy Paterson and Capt. John Campbell, Rememberance Day at the P.P.A. Memorial.

'Mash' and little Joran in Ulbeek at the Patton Drivers meeting.

Like P.P.A. had 'J.C.' Simpson, 'H' Patrol have his own 'J.C.' Spitfire.

The P.P.A. Memorial at the
Allied Special Forces Grove - UK

Group photo of 'H' Patrol people and a few resistance people at the 'H' Patrol BBQ 2011.
















Source: P.P.A. Preservation Society.
Photos: P.P.A. Preservation Society.



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