- P.P.A. 'H' Patrol photobook -

'H' Patrol at the Patton Drivers - Belgium.

Military convoy waiting alongside a forest.

Magali her pride and joy... a real tank.

A 'H' Patrol jeep lead the H.C.S. - S.A.S. convoy.

'Popski' in his muddy jeep after a little trip.

Glenn as gunner of the 'H' Patrol jeep.

The big Land Rovers of the H.C.S. - S.A.S. and a P.P.A. Patrol jeep.

A very muddy P.P.A. Patrol jeep at the trip of the Patton Drivers.

'Sailor' of the H.C.S. - S.A.S. as driver of the P.P.A. Patrol jeep.

Two 'H' Patrol jeeps in the rain at the meeting of the Patton Drivers.

'Cpl. Blutch' is busy with the maintenance of the jeep at field.

'H' Patrol crew prepare for leaving.

'H' Patrol jeeps ready for the trip at the Patton Drivers meeting.

'H' Patrol on their way between the American convoy of Pattons troops.

'Mash' and 'Cpl Blutch' on their way between Pattons troops.

'H' Patrol jeeps ready for tea-time at the Patton trip.

The two guarding dogs Rex and Bodan at the 'H' Patrol jeeps.

HELP..., It's raining!! Rex in his tent.

'Magali aka 'Flappy' is driving the Patrol jeep.

'Popski' is teaching 'Flappy' how to drive with the Patrol jeep.

'Cpl. Blutch' entered the camp of the Patton Drivers with his Patrol jeep.

While we drove arround 'Spitfire' stood guarding with the .50 MG in the rear of the Patrol jeep.

'Popski' and 'Cpl Blutch' talking while Rex guarding the area.

Joran would love to make a little trip with the Patrol jeep.

On our way we passing a Land Rover 'Wolf' of the H.C.S. - S.A.S..

While we drove arround 'Flappy' stood guarding with the .30 MG at the of the Patrol jeep.

B.B.Q. in the 'H' Patrol camp.

'Popski' what we eat today?

A McKenzie Seaford piper came
along the 'H' Patrol camp.

In the middle of the night, 'Sleepy' was awake

'Spitfire went cold and warmed himself up at the bbq.

'Popski' and his personal driver 'Flappy' came on.

With high speed on our way back to the P.P.A. - P.S. HQ.

'Cpl. Blutch' - Hey, where you look at it friend!?
















Source: P.P.A. Preservation Society.
Photos: P.P.A. Preservation Society.


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