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Operation Snowdrop of the H.C.S.-S.A.S.

At the beginning of Operation Snowdrop. The P.P.A. team and organisation of the H.C.S. - S.A.S.

Somewhere in the middle of a forest, we must briefly look at the map.

At 'RV One' we had a campfire to warm us in the freezing temperatures.

The P.P.A. team preparing for departure in the early morning.

Ok guys, off we go.

Paul climbs the rocks halfway
our journey.

Ingnace cross over the river with a catcrawl.

P.P.A. team ate a meal along a road with Bruno Two of the H.C.S. - S.A.S. organisation.

Ingnace goes the steep railway line up.

Two members of the H.V.S. - S.A.S. team at the top of the railroad line.

The P.P.A. team preparing for departure in the early morning on the second day.

Near the end, so we are on track boys.

After three days of freezing temperatures, sleep outside, sore feet and tired we could take up the challenge cup of the H.C.S. - S.A.S. Snowdrop.

















Source: P.P.A. Preservation Society.
Photos: P.P.A. Preservation Society.



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