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'H' Patrol at Wings and Wheels - Belgium.

Wings and Wheels from the air

A 'H' Patrol jeep in front of the Airfield at Ursel.

Magali and guarding dog Rex.

Magali in front of a Spitfire.

The PPA-PS 'H' Patrol camp at Wings and Wheels.

The PPA-PS 'H' Patrol camp at Wings and Wheels.

Very early in the morning 'Popski'
cleaned the Bren MKII.

'Mash' next to her 'Pride and Joy'
the 'H' Patrol MT Dodge truck.

All the Spitfires had already taken off for a 'Rhubarb', so 'Spitfire' had to take pleasure in driving a Patrol jeep.

Two 'H' Patrol jeep ready to dive out.

'H' Patrol vehicles at the Wings and Wheels Meeting.

A real B17, the Pink Lady visited Wings and Wheels too.

The Pink Lady take off for his flight to France.

The Red Lion Pipe Band in action.

Magali aka 'Flappy' guarding the 'H' Patrol jeep.

'Mash' and 'Cpl. Blutch' ready to drive out.

'Popski' with his hook like
the real Popski in WW2.

Joran and 'Flappy' of 'H' Patrol.

The 'H' Patrol MT truck of 'Mash'.

'H' Patrol jeeps in heavy rain at Wings and Wheels.

The 'H' Patrol MT truck in the heavy rain and out camp.

'Flappy', Evi and 'Tuur' of 'H' Patrol ready for a ride.

'Popski' checked everything before 'H' Patrol turned back to the HQ.

The one and only
P/Sgt. Diederik De Jaeger.

'Flappy' and her 'Pride and Joy'.

'Flappy' drive arround in a Patrol jeep.

P.P.A. 'H' Patrol camp at the Wings and Wheels show in Ursel.
















Source: P.P.A. Preservation Society.
Photos: P.P.A. Preservation Society.



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