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Popski, stand at jeep, on his way to the Barce raid.

'T' Patrol of the L.R.D.G., sitting in front of photo left behind the tree is Popski.

P.P.A. jeep drive into a WACO Glider for training.

P.P.A. on the M'Saken gliderstrip.
Alright take it easy!

P.P.A. men on parachute training near Phillipville.
Everything alright?

P.P.A. men on Parachute training near Phillipville.
Ready for take off boys?

P.P.A. men on Parachute training near Phillipville.
Now we are Air Borne...

P.P.A. men in the port of Tunis (North Africa).
L to R; ?, ?, John Hunther, Ken Williamson and Mike Mitchell. In Front Sammy Taylor.

Popski and Yunes Yusef Abdallah and their overloaded jeep.

'P' (Popski) Patrol. Jeep patrol in Southern Italy early in the Italian Campaign 1943.

Popski (minus left hand) and Ron Cokes
at the Padua University Italy for a 48 hours rest and refit.

Capt. Park 'Bob' Yunnie (driver) and George Sonley (gunner) of 'B' Patrol.

P.P.A. men L to R back row: Bob Griffin, Michele Cahill, Georges Sonley and
Lt. Steve Wallbridge. Front row: John Heaton, 'J.C.' Simpson and Douglas Dellier.

L to R: ? and Pat Blake in Popski's old Patrol jeep, the only one with two .50MGs on it

P.P.A. jeep in the fields of Italy.

P.P.A. 'B' Patrol somewhere in Italy.

P.P.A. 'S' Patrol at the Padua University
for a 48 hours rest and refit - Italy 1944.

'Nick' Hubbard of 'P' Patrol in his jeep, the P.P.A. 'Flamethrower' WASP jeep.

Popski entered the Padua University in his old
Patrol jeep for a 48 hours rest and refit.

P.P.A. at the St. Marco Square in Venice - Italy the day war ended.

Vladimir 'Popski' Peniakoff
Commander of P.P.A..

Capt. Park 'Bob' Yunnie
Skipper of 'B' Patrol.

Capt. Jean 'Jan' Caneri
Skipper of 'Blitz' Patrol.

Capt. John 'Bulldozer' Campbell
Skipper of 'S' Patrol

Jim 'Busty' Eastham of 'P' Patrol.

Michele 'McCaley' Cahill of 'S' Patrol.

Hector 'J.C.' Simpson of 'B' Patrol.

Ron Cokes of 'Blitz' Patrol.

Dennis 'Danny' O'Niel of 'B' Patrol.

Lt. Steve Wallbridge of 'B' Patrol.


















Source: P.P.A. veterans.
Photos: Research and Archive Section of P.P.A..



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