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When P.P.A. was formed they started with 5 jeeps and two 3-ton trucks. After an attack by German Messerschmitt BF109's all vehicles, execpt one were lost. P.P.A. was equiped with new jeeps, warm clothes en equipment from the Americans in Tabessa.
Arround Gafsa men of P.P.A. discovered a L.R.D.G. truck which was captured by the Germans in Wadi Zem Zem. They take the L.R.D.G. truck and a Fiat staffcar and handed over Italian POW's to the Armericans. Later on Jean Caneri swap the Fiat Staffcar for a 6 wheels truck. (RAS-PPA)
From different written and unwritten stories of P.P.A. veterans we know that they used different vehicles, mostly for a very short period. Like Trp. Michele Cahill wrote in a letter to the P.P.A. - P.S., The jeeps were ofcource and always the pride and joy of the unit but in fact we used every vehicle were we could lay our hands on.
The RAS-PPA en PPA-PS have know that P.P.A. used many different vehicles or others next to their jeeps like bicylces, moter cycles, civilian cars, trucks, WACO Gliders, parachutes, skiing, even horses and donkeys. Here on this page we will give you an idea of what different transportation were used by P.P.A. on its way through Africa, Italy and Austria.


Popski's very first desert vehicle, a Ford 'A' model nicknamed 'The Pisspot'. Used before P.P.A. was formed.



Photo - R.A.S. - P.P.A.

P.P.A. jeep crew in a WACO - Glider - Africa.
L to R; Cpl. McDonald, 'Bum' Curtis, Sammy Barnes, US pilot, ? and Lt. McGillavray.

P.P.A. on the M'Saken gliderstrip. Bring up the pull Dodge.

P.P.A. on Parachute training near Phillipville.
L to R: ?, McCallum, Steve Wallbridge, Seamer? and ?





Dennis O'Niel of P.P.A's 'B' Patrol on a motorcycle, Rosseg 1945.





P.P.A. men using a bulldozer.
L to R: Ricky Rickwood, ?, ?.





The Popski's Private Army own Staffcar.







Bill O'Leary and Michele Cahill of P.P.A.'s  'S' Patrol next to Popski's brand new Staffcar. Austria 1945.






P.P.A.'s HQ in Austria. Michele Cahill changing tires on a car they are about to "borrow", The other man is mechanic from P.P.A.'s MT Section.






Wilson W. 'Jock' of P.P.A.'s  'S' Patrol on his horce.




P.P.A. 'B' Patrol ready for skiing in Terminillo, Italy.
L to R: rear, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Bruno, Lofty Bays. Front, ? and ?

P.P.A.'s 'S' Patrol ready for skiing in Piedemonte d'Alife, Italy. L to R: Storey, O'Leary, Hardman, Hopam?? and O'Niel.

P.P.A.'s 'B' Patrol men in Austria.
Charlie Paine in the middle.





Source: P.P.A. veterans / P.P.A. Preservation Society / Research and Archive Section of P.P.A..
Photos: P.P.A. Preservation Society / Research and Archive Section of P.P.A..


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