Company presentation

Proclus BVBA is specialized in integration between different systems and devices. For our implementations we use as wel on premise software as cloud software from known vendors. By integrating you can optimize your investment or reduce the costs for the carve in of a new department by re-using existing systems into one consistent integrated system.

Proclus has 10 years of experience within the domain of integration and for every phase of the life-cycle of an integration. We support our customers by:

  • Analyzing new and/or existing interfaces
  • Installing your integration infrastructure
  • Developing interfaces
  • Testing
  • Providing support for your integration platform
  • Migration and retirement of old systems

From a functional perspective we're versatile. Over the last years we've build up strong process knowledge in Healthcare, Logistics and the chemicals industry.

Our work method

Proclus BVBA speaks your language, we're fully tuned with our customer. In direct cooperation we tackle your needs adopted to your situation and the circumstances you're in.

Every year we invest a big part of our time in the research of new solutions to improve our customers solutions. We built up pocs and study the technical solutions until the deepest detail. With our partners we cooperate to build prototypes that can make the life of our customers easier as never before.

Proclus BVBA cooperates closely with education in order to create changes for the IT talents of the future generations

Our tools

In order to build your ultimate solution we we use SAP PO and SoftwareAG Webmethods for on premise integrations, for integrations in the cloud we work with Dell Boomi and SAP HCP integration service.


From our headquarter in the center of Belgium, we provide our service worldwide. In case you would need presence on different locations at the same time we work together with a strong network of experienced professionals.

Contact us

Proclus BVBA
Steenberg 31
9401 Ninove