Antwerp's Sign Language Actuating Node.

Offering the deaf a helping hand.


Meet Aslan, the user-friendly and low-cost humanoid robot.

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Use Aslan as a sign language translator during lectures or meetings.


Teach him any kind of movement or word through a custom made interface.


Because of his innovative design, Aslan stays affordable, without losing durability.

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Studies of the human arm and its movement.

By studying the humand arm and it's structure and mechanics we are able to create an artificial human arm which can move the same as our own.

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Thanks to Mathworks' latest version of Matlab we are able to mathematically design and animate a human arm.

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Researching the latest techniques and technologies

All over the world people have been researching and building humanoid robots. By comparing their designs we are able to create an optimal design for Aslan. Image of the Sheffield hand.

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Beautifully designed with technical excellence and exceptional attention to detail.

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Salesianenlaan 30, 2660 Hoboken

Antwerpen, Belgium.

(401) 1234 567

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