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Useful Links
1. Resources
Fred Wilder's Prophet 5 Resources
Contains cassette interface info, and some interesting links
This is really a great synth site! It contains *.mp3 files with demos of Prophet 5 sounds.
Hollow Sun
Contains Prophet 5 samples
Contains detailed pictures of a rev 2.0 model.
Matthew Davidson's Prophet 5 Resources
Contains useful information on the Prophet 5.
Synthesizer bushings
Picture manual on replacing the keyboard bushings of a Prophet 5.
2. On Line Articles
Sound On Sound
Article about the Prophet Line as published in Sound On Sound Magazine from March 1999.
Keyboard Magazine
Famous article from Mark Vail, the writer of the book 'Vintage Synthesizers'. On page 173 of the second edition of this book you find the same article.
Article about the string sounds of the Prophet 5. PWM is the secret.
3. Repair/Spare parts
Wine Country Productions
The SCI specialists. Formed by the synth technicians of the former Sequential Circuits Company. They deliver spare parts and perform repairs on all Sequential Circuits models.
Archive Sound
Vintage analog synthesizer keyboard rebuild kits.