Stanley Jungleib

Stanley Jungleib wrote manuals for sequential circuits. In may 1979 he started working at Sequential Circuits as a technical writer. The day he started working the first 'Rev 2 Prophet 5' shipped. The first manual he wrote was the technical manual for the Prophet 5 Rev 1 and Rev 2.

Because of the fact the Prophet 5 was the first fully programmable synthesizer, the manuals are suited to study how a programmable polyphonic synthesizer actually works. The manuals are well explained and documented in order to understand how a microprocessor controls the analogue boards in the synthesizer.

1. Operation Manuals

Operation Manual Prophet 5 Rev 2 - First edition

Thanks to Håkan Atterström for sharing it! This one is from december 1978. The manual was written before the Rev 2 was released.

Operation Manual Prophet 5 Rev 2 - Second edition

Again thanks to Håkan Atterström for sending in this manual. Tom Darter wrote the second, more detailed edition of the manual. It was released in october 1979.

Cassette interface operation notes
Operation Manual Prophet 5 Rev 3
This is the manual for the cassette modification.   Click on the picture to open the *.pdf file.
2. Technical Manuals
Technical Manual Prophet 5 Rev 2
Technical Manual Prophet 5 Rev 3

Thanks to Paul Evenblij. Click on the picture to open the *.pdf file.

Allthough the frontpage of the manual states it contains the manual for the Rev 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2, information for the Rev 3.3 is included at the back of the manual.
3. Datasheets
3.1. Curtis Electromusic - CEM

Curtis Electromusic delivered the IC's for the VCO's, VCF's; and VCA's. The CEM chips where first introduced from on the Rev 3.0 model.

Datasheet CEM 3340 Voltage Controlled Oscillator

Datasheet CEM 3320 Voltage Controlled Filter

Datasheet CEM 3310 Voltage Controlled Envelope Generator