1. How to load sounds

You can load sounds into your Prophet 5 via the tape interface, or if you have a midified version via midi. An easy way of loading sounds is with the software 'Alesis Freeloader' via PC. Freeloader can convert system exclusive *.syx files into *.wav files and the other way around. You can download it here:

Alesis Freeloader 1.0

So don't worry if you do not have midi on your Prophet. Via this program you can translate any system exclusive *.syx file into a *.wav file and load it through the tape interface. It is also possible to translate in *.mid format.

Picture 101 : Alesis Freeloader
2. Sounds

Taken from :

Notes on the Prophet-5 system exclusive (I suspect this only goes for the factory midi kit, and not the Kenton. Correct me if I'm wrong) :

The Prophet 5 has an awkward way of handling system exclusive. Each patch has to be requested individually. Bulk dump is not possible. When the Prophet 5 sends a patch, it is not terminated with an F7. This makes it difficult to successfully dump the programs, since many sysex programs will wait for an F7 before they continue sending requests.

Read our 'Prophet 5 - midi' section to learn more about this problem. There also are ways to go around it.

Then there is the problem of bank allocation. When loaded from tape the patches always end up in the active bank. In the sysex code each patch is given a number from 0-119. All factory sets found here will end up in bank 1. To be able to load them into bank 2 and 3, the guys vrom made a conversion program. You can donwload it here Prophet 5 Bank Conversion

Picture 102 : Prophet 5 Bank Conversion program
Banks for the Rev 3 :
Factory bank 1.wav Factory bank 1.syx
Factory bank 2.wav Factory bank 2.syx
Factory bank 3.wav Factory bank 3.syx