Sequential circuits
Founded in the year : 1977
First standalone keyboard : Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
Location : Sunnyvale, California
Small history :

Sequential Circuits started out, garage selling a digital sequencer and a generic synth programmer in 1977. In 1978 Dave Smith, former Moog clinician John Bowen, and businesswoman Barb Fairhurst, the staff of Sequential Circuits, presented the first barely working prototype of the Prophet 5 at the winter NAMM show.

The Prophet 5 was the first polyphonic synth in which every parameter could be stored in computer memory. The first fully programmable synth.

Because of the succes of the Prophet 5 Sequential Circuits grew to be a giant force and major influence in the design and manufacturer of electronic keyboards.

However, after experiencing several years of declining sales, later on Sequential Circuits ceased to excist as a standalone American manufacter of cutting edge synthesizers, samplers and drum machines.

Ceased to exist : December 1987
Role : Yamaha bought Sequential Circuits, and put Sequential Circuits out of business. Yamaha owns now the trademarks of Prophet, Sequential, and Sequential Circuits.
Wine Country
Who is :

Sequential's financial condition in 1987 prompted a small group of ex-Sequential employees to form Wine Country Productions in an effort to provide after market support for all Sequential Circuits products.

In 1988, Wine Country Productions acquired the entire remaining Sequential stock, technical documentation, software, and spare parts. Since that time, Wine Country Productions Inc. has provided spare parts, technical service, and operational support for the entire line of Sequential Circuits instruments.