Quartam Analytical Data Processing Library - Introduction

The Filter-Map-Reduce programming model is a data-processing construct coming from the world of 'functional programming' - and has recently made serious headway into languages such as Java or C#. This triad of higher-order functions combined offer a powerful tool for manipulating sequences of data.

But that triad doesn't cover all use-cases, so we add a fourth concept to the mix.

Of course you can already do these things manually in LiveCode, especially with the 'repeat for each' construct as a speedy way to iterate over a sequence of data. So why would you need a library? One good reason is to cut down on typing and prevent subtle logic errors ; but far more important is that code becomes easier to understand and maintain as you make abstraction of the iterative process.

Where do I go from here?

To learn more about Quartam Analytical Data Processing Library, read up on the features at your disposal and how you as a developer will benefit from them.

As an open source project, the scripts are available for review and modification - and you can help it grow by contributing your enhancements to the community.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to look at the FAQ. But more importantly: download the full version with the sample scripts, so you can see for yourself how remarkably powerful data-processing with LiveCode can be.

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