Quartam Color Library - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current version of the library ?

Quartam Color Library 1.0.0 is available from the Downloads section.

When will the next version be available ?

Quartam Color Library 1.1 is currently under development. We do not yet have a date for its availability to the general public.

Which LiveCode versions are supported ?

When work began on Quartam Color Library, we were using Revolution version 2.7.0 . Since then, we have kept working on it to ensure compatibility all the way up to the latest LiveCode version 6.0.1.

However, Quartam Color Library 1.0 requires at least Revolution 2.8.1 because of the use of 'private' commands and functions.

All sample scripts were lightly tested with several versions, but there is always a chance that engine and library modifications have caused certain issues that have been resolved by now. We highly recommend that you use Quartam Color Library in conjunction with the latest LiveCode release.

Which LiveCode deployment options are supported ?

Quartam Color Library supports all deployment options of LiveCode: Desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux), Server (LiveCode Server and On-Rev) and Mobile (iOS and Android).

Which LiveCode editions are supported ?

Quartam Color Library is an open-source product and supports all editions of LiveCode: Community, Commercial and Enterprise.

Do I need to install extra software to use this in my applications ?

No, you do not have to install extra software. Quartam Color Library is written entirely in LiveCode, and does not require any new DLL's or external bundles to run properly.
All you need to do is include a single library stack when you build your standalone application.

Can I convert colors between color spaces ?

No, conversion between color spaces is not supported in this release of the library.

What are your future plans to improve Quartam Color Library ?

We're primarily looking at several algorithms for grayscaling, but are always open to suggestions.

Of course we will listen to our customers as well as the LiveCode developer community to find out how we can help them produce the results they need in the most efficient way possible. We also make a commitment to keep Quartam Color Library up-to-date as the underlying technology evolves.

As Quartam Color Library is open source, am I free to do what I want with it ?

No, you are bound to the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License - see the Free / Open Source page for more information.

How can I contribute to the Quartam Color Library project ?

Given that Quartam Color Library for LiveCode is available as open source under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), you are welcome to contribute to its development.

All you need to do is download, sign and email back the Quartam Open Source Contributor Agreement so that your contributions can be incorporated into the project. Quartam Software handles the role of project custodian, taking care of versioning and distribution.

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