Quartam Color Library - Introduction

Your users prefer applications that don't just present the information swiftly and efficiently, but manage this with flair: appropriate color schemes and a sprinkling of gradients can lift the user interface from dull to engaging. And don't forget the branding aspect, as your design consistently works its way from your website through your business cards to each of your applications.

Quartam Color Library makes it easier to apply colors as found in HTML pages, C and Java code, even if they were defined as CSS 3 standard color names, raw hexadecimal values or in HSV, HSB or CMYK. In addition, you can derive brighter or darker colors using several algorithms. Finally, you can store these colors in a central repository using custom names.

Where do I go from here?

To learn more about Quartam Color Library, read up on the features at your disposal and how you as a developer will benefit from them.

As an open source project, the scripts are available for review and modification - and you can help it grow by contributing your enhancements to the community.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to look at the FAQ. But more importantly: download the demo version with the sample scripts, so you can see for yourself how remarkably easy creating attractive and consistent user interfaces with LiveCode can be.

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