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Quartam Reports for LiveCode

Data is the basis of knowledge. But it isn't enough to just have a collection of individual facts : you have to track and compare these items to learn more and interpret the raw data. Collecting data into meaningful reports creates information. And this information allows decision makers to analyse trends, draw conclusions and act accordingly.

LiveCode is the multi-platform user-centric software development tool of choice for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Using LiveCode, you can easily access data from all over the internet, from files on your hard disk, from millions of records in that corporate database.

But collecting the data is only the first step - so we are providing you with the tools to turn it into information : whether you need to print a simple form, a delivery note, a statistical report or integrate data from various sources, Quartam Reports is at your service.

Quartam PDF Library for LiveCode

LiveCode 4.5 and higher offer a quick way to turn a set of cards into a PDF file. But often, you need more control than that: you want pin-point precision, extensive graphics support, bookmarks, etc. And you're not afraid to script it!

Quartam PDF Library for LiveCode lets developers produce PDF documents from code - PDF documents that can be opened with Adobe Acrobat, Apple OS X Preview and other PDF viewer applications. They are a popular means to exchange information that displays properly even when crossing computer platforms.

You create a document; add pages; draw graphics, images and text; finally output the PDF data to a file; and then free up the memory. With automatic page breaks and callbacks to let you draw page headers and footers, you have all the power at your fingertips to create PDF files from your LiveCode-based applications.