Quartam Reports - Frequently Asked Questions

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Copyright 2004-2013, Quartam Software/Jan Schenkel. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

Quartam is a trademark of Jan Schenkel. Other names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

What is the current version of the package ?

Quartam Reports 1.1.6 is available from the Downloads section.

When will the next version be available ?

Quartam Reports 1.2 is currently under development. We do not yet have a date for its availability to the general public.

Which LiveCode versions are supported ?

When work began on Quartam Reports, we were using Revolution version 2.0. Since then, we have kept working on it to ensure compatibility all the way up to the the latest LiveCode version 6.0.1.

All sample reports were lightly tested with older versions, but there is always a chance that engine and library modifications have caused certain issues that have been resolved by now. We highly recommend that you use Quartam Reports in conjunction with the latest LiveCode release.

Which LiveCode deployment options are supported ?

Quartam Reports supports the Desktop editions of LiveCode: Windows, Mac and Linux.
We will add support for other deployment options as their printing support improves.

Which LiveCode editions are supported ?

Quartam Reports is a closed-source product and only supports the closed-source editions of LiveCode: Commercial and Enterprise.

Do I need to install extra software to use this in my applications ?

No, you do not have to install extra software. Quartam Reports is written entirely in LiveCode, and does not require any new DLL's or external bundles to run properly.
All you need to do is include a single library stack when you build your application, as well as the LiveCode revXML-library which it requires.

Can I give the layout builder to my end-users so they can modify layouts ?

No, your license includes a copy of the layout builder application FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY -- this means that you cannot give a copy of this application to your end-users along with the stacks or standalones that you distribute.

If you need to include a layout builder in your application so that your end-users can modify the report layouts, contact us for a special bundle license or a custom version that you can embed into your application.

Can I place a company logo on my layouts ?

Yes, you can. Use the layout builder to add an image item, then use the inspector palette to link the image to the file with your company logo.

In one of the next updates, we will add the ability to dynamically change the image source, so you can easily build and print article catalogs with pictures next to each article.

Can I also print a set of labels ?

Yes, you can. Use the layout builder to create a label set instead of a report. Label sets cannot have data groups, but you can specify whether they are printed column-first or row-first.

Can I print styled text in my reports ?

Yes, you can. Use the inspector palette in the layout builder to change the format of the data field to HTMLText or RTFText, and use an expression that returns the data in the appropriate format.

Can I print unicode text in my reports ?

Yes, you can. Use the inspector palette in the layout builder to change the format of the data field to UnicodeText, HTMLText or RTFText, and use an expression that returns the data in the appropriate format.

Can data fields be of variable height ?

They can since version 1.1 - this was the number one feature request, and we've provided it in that version. Not that it stopped anyone from building useful reports, mind you...

Can I use decimal alignment in data fields ?

No, data fields do not support decimal alignment. The best workaround for now is to use a non-proportional font such as Courier and set the text alignment to right.

Of course we will add support as soon as LiveCode expands its field controls with support for tabStops with decimal alignment.

What are data brokers and when do I need one ?

Data brokers are objects that you script to support a number of callback messages that will be sent as the printing engine is building the report by collecting data and merging it with your layout.
Data brokers allow for very complex, truly integrated reports that combine informatrion from multiple data sources : stacks, local and remote databases, XML-files, files on internet servers, the result of calls to Web Services, etc.

But if you are printing data from a single stack, SQL result set, or automated database query, you can use the simple printing commands, and don't have to bother with data brokers.

What are your future plans to improve Quartam Reports ?

None of us have a crystal ball that shows us the future. What we can tell for sure is that we will address another round of smaller requests in the next feature update, and will overhaul the Layout Builder in the next structural update.

Of course we will listen to our customers as well as the LiveCode developer community to find out how we can help them produce the results they need in the most efficient way possible. We also make a commitment to keep Quartam Reports up-to-date as the underlying technology evolves.

Is Quartam Reports for LiveCode a clone of Reports Data Pro for HyperCard ?

No, it is not. Quartam Reports was modeled after the report building tools from FoxPro, FileMaker Pro and MS Access. It currently does not offer data mining features, though this will be actively addressed in the future.

The main reason why we did not copy the working method of Reports Data Pro is that the world has changed dramatically since the birth of HyperCard : data doesn't just come from stacks, but can be stored in local or remote databases, XML-files, web pages, web services, etc.