Quartam Reports - Introduction

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You know the drill : all that data that goes into the system, must come out again -- as invoices, reports, label sets, and the like. You have the data from the database, but that is just the beginning ; you need to track subtotals, include headers and footers per data group, etc. ; not to mention putting it at the right spot on the paper.

Quartam Reports for LiveCode is here to make your life a lot easier. It is the first professional reporting tool for this multi-platform software development tool, packing all the features you would expect from traditional report building tools :

Quartam Reports brings the advantages of traditional report building tools to the cross-platform world of LiveCode. It is the only tool to let you print reports and labels while offering on-screen preview, data grouping, aggregate functions, and much more, through a cross-platform library with a simple API as well as an advanced callback architecture.

Where do I go from here ?

To learn more about Quartam Reports, first read the overview to see the background picture ; read the examples to learn how to use it ; read more about the editions to see which one is right for you ; join us for a tour and learn more about the features of Quartam Reports and how you as a developer will benefit from them.

You will see how Quartam Reports offers two ways of working :

For most of your projects, the simplified report printing commands will be your best friends -- but it is good to know that you won't have to look for a different solution when you need a flexible way to integrate data from multiple sources.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to look at the FAQ. But more importantly : download the demo version with the sample reports, so you can see for yourself how remarkably easy printing reports with LiveCode can be.

And just in case you weren't convinced by what version 1.0 had to offer, make sure to read up on the features added in version 1.1 !