Welcome to Radikal Legacy

The Radikal Legacy initiative

In the beginning... there was nothing. No easy to use framework or tools to create games. Then nerds created Unity, Blender, GIMP and other various utilities to bring the dream of game creation closer to reality for the masses. We created a team of regulars who wanted to learn in their own time and at their own pace, and thus the Radikal Legacy was granted life.

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Passion for games

At Radikal Legacy we do not only PLAY games, playing is for children! Here we create our very own spin-offs and bring ideas to live... AS A TEAM!

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Join the initiative

Want to express your talents in a merry band of dynamic people? Then the Radikal Legacy initiative might be the perfect outlet for you! By the ancient education method of trial and error we mold our skills.

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Technologies used by Radikal Legacy:

  • Unity 5
  • BLENDER 2.76b
  • GIMP 2

Many thanks to the creators of these awesome pieces of software!