Music around

Egyptology seems to be one of the worlds most "romantic" professions.
And indeed countless books and movies have been created about
ressurected and evil mummies, deadly pyramids and pharaonic curses.

In the real world a great deal of this ancient world has been rediscovered .
However this said, we still don't know if there existed a system of music writing.

Imagine how long it took to develop the Western music system
. Observe what a big difference there is compared with the musical systems of the Asian and Arabic world.
So, if there is somewhere a clever chap around with knowledge of Western, Asian and Arabic systems and willing to venture into this twilight zone, we could once discover true Egyptian melodies.

This page however is not about the problems of discovering ancient Egyptian musical notations, but about the Western musical world reacting to the discoveries of the splendour of the Arab world ( eg Egypt ) and its ancient Egyptian monuments and treasures..
Embedded within the framework of a lecture we discover the emotions of a long bygone generation filled with awe for a ancient dissapeared, world of mystery and magic.

Some samples of our programme

Cairo Concerts October 2005

Evening Concert :"Music around Egyptology"at the Netherlands-Flemish institute Cairo

the New Cairo British International School
Dr. Robin Harrison