In august 1995 the Rajhans orchestra was performing its first concert-tour in India. The Belgian/Flemish musicians were lodged in the Trident hotel in Madras. Here we held all our rehearsals. During one of these sessions I met  a fine gentleman with the name of Mr.Rangasami Parthasarathy. For hours he listened to the music. Later on he introduced himself as the president of  "Oriental Records New York" and "Bharat Records Madras".  He was so impressed with our new kind of music that he offered us the recording of a CD/MC.  We agreed to perform our two concerto's on it :  "CROSSWINDS" 
ORI CD 235.  The CD can be heared on MC-Europe on Channel 28.  You can find out details of this CD/MC below.

Concerto for Veena and Orchestra (Madras  concerto) by Hans Vermeersch
Saroja Ganapathy, our excellent dilruba and tarshehnai soloist

A.K. Devi performing the Madras-concerto, in the background B.V. Raghavendra Rao (Karnatic violin) and Saroja Ganapathy (Dilruba)

**Veena soloist : Ms. A.K.Devi from
    Madras, Tamil Nadu,South-India **Mridangam  : Madurai T .Srinivasan **Ghatam   : S.Karthik 
**Dilruba and tarshehnai : 
    Saroja Ganapathy

1st Part, MohanamMohanam -sample : 2'53 - 254 kb - GET REALPLAYER
beauty, a piece in theatrical style, fusion of classical South Indian and European music.
2nd Part, ShantamShantham - sample : 2'36 - 229 kb - GET REALPLAYER
denoting peace.

3rd Part, BrindavanamBrindavanam - sample : 2'27 - 216 kb - GET REALPLAYER
Brindavan is a famous garden in the Indian state of Karnataka. This part recalls the atmosphere a dull lazy late afternoon.
4th Part, Sri GanapathiniSri Ganipathi - sample : 3'21 - 296 kb - GET REALPLAYER
a duet between the Voice of Ganesha ( = the orchestra) and Goddess Saraswathi's Voice (= the Veena)

The Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Orchestra (Kacheri concerto) by Hans Vermeersch
Stephan Vermeersch performing the Kacheri-concerto for bass clarinet with VASA MALAI and THUMBA in the background

Hans Vermeersch with bass clarinet soloist Stephan Vermeersch

**Bass clarinet soloist: Mr. Stephan Vermeersch
    from Knokke-Heist,West-Flanders - Belgium. 
**Mridangam            : Madurai T.Srinivasan 
**Ghatam                 : S.Karthick 
**Kanjeera               : S.Divakar 

1st Part, DeepakDeepak - sample : 2'34 - 226 kb - GET REALPLAYER
Retelling the story of the famous musician Tansen rendering the Deepak raga before the court of emperor Akbar The Great.
2nd Part, AaratiAarati - sample : 1'26 - 127 kb - GET REALPLAYER
Hindu ritual in which one burns incense while moving it in a circular way in order to worship a deity, summoned first by ringing bells.
3rd Part,NayikaNayika - sample : 2'10 - 190 kb - GET REALPLAYER
a tribute to the feminine Spirit
4th Part, NibaddhaNibaddha - sample : 4'02 - 354 kb - GET REALPLAYER
a dialogue between the percussion and the clarinet soloist. The theme of this part is a song which the composer used to hum while trying to put his baby-girl Shyama asleep during long ...and endless... looking nights.