Hans performing in Chavara cultural centre
Hans and Pankaj Udas
Performing Dilruba

Picture: Courtesy by Wim Kerkhof

Latest Chapter in Rajhans adventure Viola d'amora

Hans Vermeersch, born in Knokke (1957) ,
a coastal town in West-Flanders, Belgium. 
The descendant of the famous painter Peter-Paul Rubens, Albert Rubens,
being a very good friend of my parents choose the name "Hans " for me,
giving me a name which is both Germanic and Indian.
I am a violinist, teacher, composer, conductor and leader of the 
Rajhans Orchestra,
and married to  Finla Noronha from the state of Kerala, South-India.

Our family picture taken in Banglore 2005 and on top of Mt: Vesuvio - Naples 2009

European interaction with Asia,India
Since 1988 I conducted  a musical  study-project in India. 
That gave me the opportunity to meet  reputed Indian musicians and scholars. 
As a result of this research  I  created  the 'Rajhans Orchestra' and Rajhans Ensemble.  

Some of my compositions
are released  with "Euprint" edition Leuven - Belgium, 
and with " Golden River Music" edition Most of my compositions however remain with me as I only compose for myself to perlform and for good friends.