Contemporary music
based upon Indian &European music traditions

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Indian and European musicians/composers.
on a musical crossover course.
Hans Vermeersch
B.K. Chandru Chandrashekhar Jois (Bangalore),V.S. Narasimhan (Chennai )
W. Kaufmann ( US ), Ghulam Ali (Lahore),
Jane Brockman ( US ), and others....


Historic Music
between India and the West
The Indian Army in Flanders Fields: 1914-18

In the early days of the 1st world war the Indian Army ( Indian Corps ) was
brought in to help the allies in their struggle.
Their story is retold in music and narration.
A travel from a warm India into the horror and mud of Flanders and Northern France.
Indian, German, English, Canadian, American, Belgian and French music. Performers are the Rajhans ensemble, the Royal band De Zeegalm, its string orchestra and Indian military bagpipers specialy flown in from India.

The World of Rabindranath Tagore ( 1861-1941 )

The Bengali World of Rabindranath Tagore ( 1861 - 1941 )
Music compositions and poetry of the 1913 Nobel Prize winner in fresh and pleasant arrangements.
Framed by European compositions which he loved and inspired him for the development of his Rabindrasangeet.
Music translated from the Bengali and arranged by Hans Vermeersch

Music around the Mahatma Gandhi ( 1869-1948 )
Although the Mahatma was by no means a "artist" he was however surrounded by a lot of interesting music.
Back to his study days in London, the period as a sergeant major during the Boer Wars in South Africa,
the music of the Satyagraha and Sabarmati including the music of the period.
Is the story of the Mahatma highly interesting....hearing the music surrounding the story is even more tantalizing.

Music around the"General and Imperial
Ostend East India Company: ca 1723

The "General and Imperial Ostend Eastindia Company 1724"
featuring the story around the ship "Golden Carolus"sailing to Calcutta under the Austrian Double Eagle.

Eastindia sailors songs (shanties), Bengali folkmusic, Flemish folk music, Viennese and Flemish court music
with additional new compositions on the theme )

The music of Qazi Nazrul Islam ( 1899-1976 )
The Bengali World of Qazi Nazrul Islam ( 1899-1976 )
Music compositions and poetry of the Bengali Rebel Poet
Music translated from the Bengali and arranged by Hans Vermeersch


Romantic "India inspired" Western music before and after 1900
A view through the window of the past.
How people thought about India and its culture around 1900 .
A magical far off world filled with marvels, mystery, beautiful girls, heroic soldiers and nasty villains.
Compositions by European, Indian, American, Canadian and English composers.