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Greetings, and welcome to Randall's website! The site is under constant updating, so don't be surprised when you see new things, or old things gone. I like to change things so nobody gets bored in here.
I also have "secret" pages online. Try and look for them, they are links that can be clicked, and they get updated as well. Don't bother looking in extremely long texts like an AD&D chapter, I'm not that mean.

Wow... More than 10.000 hits! Take a look at the Cyberlive pics! And: did you know we have a forum here?

Oh, just to let you know: I made this site in resolution 1024 X 768. If somebody thinks of something to put on my page, or they find something is wrong: please do not hesitate to contact me. It didn't happen in an entire year, so I'm pretty confident about my site by now ;)

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Here be Dragons My Element: Fire
AD&D roleplay game Magic! Magician rules and tricks!
Tolkien Pics from holidays, or other cool stuff. Changes periodically.
Links to various sites I like Cyberlive 5 pics! Yay!!!


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