Some Links


Masereelfonds   Masereelfonds. Kritisch, progressief, onafhankelijk.

Monthly Review   Monthly Review. An Independent Socialist Magazine.

Wikipedia   Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Slashdot   News for Nerds. Stuff that matters.

Parecon   Participatory Economics: an alternative to both capitalism and twentieth century socialism.

South End Press   A nonprofit, collectively run book publisher.

Software - usefull

The R Project   The R Project for Statistical Computing

LyX   The LaTeX GUI

GAMS   Guide to Available Mathematical Software

Maxima   Maxima, a computer algebra system

Winnoyances   Information assembled by users of Microsoft Windows

Fedora   My preferred Linux distro

OpenOffice   OpenOffice, what else?

Firefox   Some browser!

Software - issues

Creative Commons   Share, Remix, Reuse Legally

Open Directory Project   Open Directory Project (dmoz)

Open Source Initiative   Open Source Initiative (OSI)

A Free Software Definition   A Free Software Definition

Copyleft?   Copyleft?

Debian   Debian Social Contract

FSF_approved_software_licenses   Licenceseseseses.....

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